December 28, 2023

Cookie Notice

This document details Workki's cookie collection practices on the website ("Website"). The terms "we," "us," or "our" refer to Workki, LLC. Please note that this notice is an essential component of our Privacy Policy.

In terms of data protection, we act as a data controller for the information gathered through the Website. For any inquiries or communication, you can reach us at:
Workki Oy, Registered address: Raastuvankatu 12 B 22, 53100, Lappeenranta. Contact email address:

1. What is Cookie?

A cookie refers to a small text file that is downloaded onto your 'terminal equipment,' such as a computer or smartphone, upon accessing our Website. This file enables us to recognize your device and retain certain information regarding your preferences or previous interactions.

When you initially visit the Website, cookies are downloaded by your internet browser. Upon revisiting the Website using the same device, the cookie and its stored information are either transmitted back to the site that created it (known as a first-party cookie) or to a different website it belongs to (referred to as a third-party cookie).

Cookies fall into two primary categories: session cookies and persistent cookies. Session cookies are deleted once you close your browser or mobile application. Conversely, persistent cookies remain on your device for a predetermined period.

We employ "session cookies," "persistent cookies," and other similar technologies collectively termed as "cookies."

2. Why do we use cookies?

Strictly Necessary cookies:
These cookies are vital for the functioning of the Website and are essential in providing users with a usable interface. They are necessary to deliver our services and enable proper functionality. Without these cookies, the Website may not operate correctly. It's important to note that these cookies do not retain any personally identifiable information.

Other types of cookies:

  • Statistical Analysis and Marketing Research: Utilized to analyze statistics related to Website usage (aggregate data without individual device identification) and conduct marketing research. Tools such as Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics help us comprehend how visitors engage with our Website, allowing us to enhance its performance.
  • Personalized Advertisements: These cookies enable us to serve you with tailored advertisements through platforms like Meta (Facebook/Instagram), LinkedIn, and Google.

Please be aware that we retain information about cookies for up to 2 years after your last visit to our Website. Certain cookies may have predefined storage periods automatically determined by their functionalities, which we might not control directly. For detailed information regarding retention periods, you can utilize cookie scanning services such as

3. Managing cookies

The law permits us to place strictly necessary cookies on your device for this Website's operation. However, for other types of cookies, we require your consent.

By default, we store and process only cookies necessary for our Website's operation unless you choose otherwise. If you prefer not to be tracked by other types of cookies, you can decline initial consent or opt out later.

During your first visit, a pop-up window displays specific cookie types. By clicking "Allow all cookies," you agree to the use of cookies for all mentioned purposes.

Declining other types of cookies will impact user experience as personalization and device recognition won't occur during subsequent Website uses.

You can modify or revoke your consent at any time by contacting us via our provided email address. Additionally, your web browser allows cookie control and limitations on your device. However, disabling all cookies or our specific cookies via browser settings might cause certain sections or features of our Website to malfunction. Therefore, we recommend using the Cookie Settings on our website instead of completely disabling cookies in your web browser.

Cookie Settings

We use cookies to improve your experience and provide necessary services to you. By continuing to use this website you consent to our use of cookies.